For over 70 years, Tognana has guaranteed respect for the tradition and for the historical quality of Italian design, without ever forgetting the evolution of the times. Accompanying the consumer in your everyday life, supporting you in the changing nature of your home and the enhancement of your home entertainment experience, are the reasons that Tognana has always pushed their passion. Tognana wants to celebrate your moments with their new collections to demonstrate that, despite their decades of experience, their goal is always the same: not filling empty spaces, but decorating full environments, enhancing the warmth of your home, decorating it with authentic harmony. And a home becomes even more beautiful when it is in harmony with the environment. For this reason, Tognana has always wanted to be competitive not only in the efficiency of the production, but also in social commitment, in the ethical respect and attention to the territory in which we live. Here, innovation combines with sustainability


It all began in 1775, when the Tognana family was active in the brick industry. In those years, in the Treviso area, the artistic production of ceramics and porcelain of high quality was very active, and next to Tognana there was another company destined to a prominent role in Tognana’s history: Andrea Fontebasso. It is thanks to companies like this that the ancient Treviso ceramics slowly acquired the international prestige they enjoy today. To date, Andrea Fontebasso 1760 is one of the company’s leading brands.

Tognana headquarters are in Casier, in the province of Treviso. The proximity to the city that for centuries has been a cultural point of reference, Venice, has contributed decisively to the development of a brand that has never overshadowed the aesthetic component of its offer. Even today, in fact, Tognana is a company that can boast its origins as an artistic laboratory, transmitting passion and emotion within an industrial reality.

1946 was the year in which the company changed into what we know today, going from painted pottery to porcelain, and it quickly became a prestigious representation of the best Italian manufacture. At this moment, porcelain is made with traditional systems of firing, sintering, and vitrification; in 1966, just twenty years after its foundation, the ‘Sebring’ plant was founded, the current Tognana Porcellane. In 1985, collaborations began with internationally renowned designers such as Mila Schön and Matteo Thun. But the turning point was in 2000 with the acquisition by the Morosi Group, which determines the transition from manufacturing company to successful international business. The strength and growth of the brand soon allowed Tognana to extend the company’s know-how into new categories. In 2009 the first pots in cast aluminium were made, and in 2012 the Tognana coffee percolators were launched with a range that  represents a classic design renewed in a modern and functional way.

The combination of manufacturing art, design, and technology is Tognana’s winning recipe. The company extends over 65,000 square meters and hosts, in addition to the executive, sales, research and development centres, also the production plant, the logistics infrastructure, and a large warehouse of over 35,000 square meters.



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25%                      75%                               35%                            65%


Tognana’s great challenge is to make people fall in love with the values in which Tognana strongly believe in, like differentiation and attention to detail, and every year Tognana invests in advertising campaigns that involve all media, from billboards to TV. Not by chance, in the last 5 years Tognana has been the absolute leader in the advertising investments of the household sector in Italy, with over 70% share in television and radio.


The company commitment dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction has been awarded with the certification of the quality system by the SGS (Quality UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and social responsibility SA 8000:2008). Also, an important sign of the commitment towards our employees is the certification of health and safety at work OH SAS 18001:2007.